Never thought I'd be a blogger, but here we go...

Funny how songwriting is at once a connecting and an isolating endeavor. In the past I thought I could stay in touch with you, my fellow music lovers, via frequent facebook updates, but I found I was literally starting to think in sound bites. I’d be musing over some deep, complex idea that I wanted to share, and would find myself trying to condense it into 50 words or less, in the catchiest phrase possible. When I caught myself doing this, I realized it’s not a great way to train my brain when so much of what I do depends on the use of words. So I decided to start blogging in an effort to stay connected – really connected – to so many of you who share my love of music and critical thinking regarding the state of, well, just about everything. I’m also hoping it will get me out of the habit of breaking life into status-update-sized pieces! And putting exclamation points after everything! Please feel free to post responses to blogs or contact me privately if you don’t like putting your thoughts out there for the world to see. I plan to post something once a week or so. K, wud luv 2 c ur thoughts here! (oh, wait….)

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