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Welcome to my musical corner of the world

 I've been writing songs for literally as long as I can remember...for catharsis, for the pure joy of it, and mostly because I simply have no choice. All of my emotions and experiences eventually come out in my songs. The most amazing thing about songwriting, though, is how it has connected me to other people over the years. Whether it's a life-long friendship or a momentary crossing of paths, the bond that's created when someone is touched by my music is beyond description. I still remember an open mic night years ago when a guy I'd never met apologized for getting up and leaving when I was closing with "The More I Learn, The Less I Know." He said as he was listening to the words he started thinking about his relationship with his dad, and he had to step outside the bar to call him and tell him he loved him. That's what writing music is all about.

Header photo: Photography by Neets