by Shaney McCoy © 2009

Tell me where do you go when my heart can find no rest
When the well of all that comforts me is dry
Are you waiting for me where you know I’ll come to look
Where the water plays with stones against the sky

A man in a church said I’d find you on a cross
Another said you’re somewhere in the east
And maybe you meet them there but for me I know you’ll be
In the one place I can always find some peace

So meet me at the waterfall where I last saw your face
I’ll climb the rocks and scale the walls to see you in that place
The wind will lift me from the ground and carry me above
So meet me at the waterfall and tell me of your love

My prayer is the sound of my feet upon the rocks
My incense is the pine upon the trees
I am washed clean by the river and my stained glass window
Is the mountains shining through the trees

(repeat chorus)