So Much of Nothin'
(c) 2013 Shaney McCoy

Last night in a dream I was back on our old farm
Polishing my saddle just for fun
The smell of dust and hay hung heavy in the barn
The cottonwoods shimmered in the sun
That's when I knew my past had won

Everyone says, "I drove across Kansas once."
Everyone says, "Took forever and a day."
Everyone says, "Never seen so much of nothin.'"
I don't care what they say
I'm goin' home today

I spent 20 years being any place but home
Leaving all that wheat and sky behind
To the mountains and the deserts I set myself to roam
Kept thinking there was more to find
But now I can't get the plains off my mind

(Repeat chorus)

I'm going where that southern wind blows steady, hot and dry
Where sunset colors bleed across an endless western sky

(Repeat chorus)