I Feel Good

I Feel Good
By Shaney McCoy © 2009

Woke up this morning, not a cloud in the sky, so I set out to see what I could see
Birds were singing and the creek was high and the butterflies were hatching just like me
So I climbed a mountain and I took off my shoes and I sat there the rest of the day
Tried to keep my thoughts from turning to you but it didn’t much matter anyway, ‘cause

I feel good, I feel high, sun on my face, love in my eyes
I feel good, I feel fine, I’ve got time on my hands and the whole world is mine.

When the rain falls from the clouds in my mind and my rainbow is shades of gray
When I can’t see what I’m looking to find and I wouldn’t recognize it anyway
Well then the wind calls my name and the river sings a song of a spirit that’s free
And I listen close and our song is the same and I know that that spirit is me

(Repeat chorus)

Lovers leave and heartache stays and there are lies in every truth I’ve found
But I know a few good souls who will never go away
And the mountains and the music will never let me down, no oh oh oh

(Repeat chorus)